Creative Pilates - Pilates Method Explained

What is Pilates?

An intelligent Complete and Physical Training

Pilates is a physical training system developed by Joseph Pilates. 

When practised with consistency, the Pilates Method  improves flexibility, builds strength and healthy muscles, and develops control and endurance for the entire body. It puts emphasis on alignment, breathing and developing a strong core whilst improving coordination and balance.

It prevents neck and back pain, shoulder and knee injuries and contributes to maintaining a healthy body as well as a correct posture.

The Pilates Method is for everybody from beginner to advanced levels and is especially one of the best training methods for all musicians. - About Rachel


Rachel Stukalenko

Born in France, Rachel has long been fascinated by the human body and the important role of body awareness in both our physical and mental lives. Since discovering Pilates training in 2009, she has been able to enhance her own level of performance and endurance significantly. 

As a professional violinist, she quickly realized that the Pilates Method could be a perfect form of complementary training for orchestra musicians, seeking to strengthen their physical awareness, resolving tension and obtaining healthy muscles. 

Every person depends on a healthy body, a correct posture and a disciplined mind.

After earning her Matwork diploma by the Pilates Institution, she continued her training with Ann McMillan and obtained her diploma for Pilates Equipment from FitsPro.

Rachel has been teaching in Zurich and Luzern since 2017. She offers classic Pilates coaching as well as a special Pilates courses for musicians and for pregnant women in German, English and French. 

physical Fitness
is the first requisite of happiness.” 

- Joseph H. Pilates - - For Musicians

Pilates for Musicians

Let's get Healthy!

As professional musicians we often spend several hours a day playing our instruments – be it when practising at home, rehearsing or performing with an orchestra or chamber ensemble.  All these hours take their toll: our bodies get tired, tension builds in our muscles and connective tissue, and if we don't do something about it, our music-making gradually begins to suffer.
Yet few musicians get enough physical training to build up healthy muscles sufficiently to maintain the long-term ability to play their instruments without doing damage to their bodies. But neglecting our bodies may result not only in frequent bouts of muscle tension and tenosynovitis; it can also lead to focal dystonia, joint problems, or neurological disorders.
As a chamber and orchestra musician, I make sure I keep a healthy and athletically active body. Over the years, I've discovered the advantages of Pilates as an ideal counterbalance to music. The Method has been e... - Prices


Individual Training


Private Lesson   120 CHF

Duet Lesson      180 CHF

Online Lesson     60 CHF​


Enjoy the option of obtaining a personal training according to your own needs, your own rhythm and precise individual goals.  



Matclass 35 CHF 

Matclass Prenatal 50 CHF

Reformer Class 70 CHF

(max 4 People)

​Discover the whole Pilates repertoire in a Mat group, using diverse equipment such as the Magic Circle, Thera Band, Roller, and Ball.

Matclass Schedule


Classic Pilates

   6.00  -  6.55 pm

   7.00  -  7.55 pm


Pilates during pregnancy

10.00 - 10.55 am

Pilates on Reformer

11.00 - 11.55 am

Pilates for musicians

1.30 - 2.25 pm


Musician Review

 Jana Karsko,

Geigerin im ZKO

"Pilates Stunden bei Rachel sind wunderbar herausfordernd, sie kennt die Bedürfnisse jedes einzelnen und setzt ihr Wissen gezielt individuell ein. Das Ganze mit viel Charme und Humor macht jede Pilates Stunde zu einem tollen Erlebnis"


Contact me

+41 78 776 60 28    

Kreuzstrasse 42 - 8008 Zurich