Pilates for Musicians

Let's get healthy!

Pilates for Musicians

As professional musicians we often spend several hours a day playing our instruments – be it when practising at home, rehearsing or performing with an orchestra or chamber ensemble. All these hours take their toll: our bodies get tired, tension builds in our muscles and connective tissue, and if we don't do something about it, our music-making gradually begins to suffer.

Yet few musicians get enough physical training to build up healthy muscles sufficiently to maintain the long-term ability to play their instruments without doing damage to their bodies. But neglecting our bodies may result not only in frequent bouts of muscle tension and tenosynovitis; it can also lead to focal dystonia, joint problems, or neurological disorders.

As a chamber and orchestra musician, I make sure I keep a healthy and athletically active body. Over the years, I've discovered the advantages of Pilates as an ideal counterbalance to music. The Method has been extremely beneficial in helping me to correct my posture, strengthen my own muscular core and attain the physical and mental endurance and stability that are so essential to musicians.

That's why, I have devised my own Pilates Training and Teaching programme with a view to providing musicians with the most efficient practical support.

Health is a precious asset to all musicians. I am deeply convinced that the Pilates Method is one of the most efficient and clever training methods for every musician.

Rachel Stukalenko - Pilates for Musicians